Jubilee Playing Field

The Parish Council is not here to clean up after the individuals who seem to have no care for our community.

All Councillors are volunteers, who worked hard to ensure the children of Easton have a great play area, it is a shame the parents who have turned up, had picnics in the park feel it is okay to leave litter piled up near the bins. If the bins are full take your rubbish home with you.

South Norfolk Council are responsible to empty the bins.

But you as residents of Easton are required to do your bit as well.

You have chosen to live in a village community, please treat it with respect.

Don't leave it to others to clean up your mess.

As the village has grown the Jubilee Playing Field has been a focal point for our young to meet and play together in a safe environment. The Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) was added in 2011 and has provided a great resource for the young of our village.

Once the new permanent fencing is installed the Stock fencing will be repurposed to be utilised by the allotment holders.

These delays have been outside the control of the Parish Council.

The following needs to be completed at the park.

1. Key parts for the adventure trail need to be fitted. Climbing wall fitted, final parts fitted on 7th June 2021

2. The cow springer needs to be fitted. 

3. The temporary fencing around the park needs to be completed for insurance liability requirements, The new fencing materials are now with CGM. Sadly due to illness CMG staff were unable to undertake the work during the week of the 12th July. We will not allow the park to be closed during the school summer holidays, we are now hoping for -the new year.

4. The site will need a safety compliance certificate issued.

5. CGM will cut and remove risings, weather dependant. Booked to be done on Wednesday 2nd June 2021.

6. Extra Bin to be fitted on 7th June 2021. (Arrived today supplier delays)

7. Fencing around MUGA to be improved the week of 7th June 2021.

8. Resurface MUGA surface date to be confirmed

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