Financial information 2018/19

Openness and Transparency

The following information is required by law to be published once the 2018/19 annual audit is complete:

Items of expenditure over £100
End of Year Accounts
Annual Governance Statement
Internal Audit Report

Notice of Audit Conclusion

Easton Audit Public Rights 2018-19

List of Councillor Responsibilities

Peter Milliken: Chair

Mark Caton: Vice Chair, Chair Finance and Staffing Committee

Jan Hudson:  Member Finance and Staffing Committee

Ian Norman: Planning Working Group

Mike Bowman: Planning Working Group

Mark Cordy: Finance and Staffing Committee, Grounds Maintenance

Mike Jobling: Member Finance and Staffing Committee, Grounds Maintenance, Allotments

Gillian Landles:

David Lewis:


Location of public land or building assets

Jubilee Playing Field,  Marlingford Road

Easton Village Hall, Marlingford Road

3.96 Acres open space, Dereham Road