Financial information 2021/22

Openness and Transparency

The following information is required by law to be published once the 2021/22 annual audit is complete:

Items of expenditure over £100 (excluding staff wages)
End of Year Accounts
Annual Governance Statement

Internal Audit Report

Internal Audit Report Comments

Notice of Audit Conclusion

External Audit Comments

End of Year Bank Reconciliation

Exercise of Public Rights Notice

Analysis of Reserves as of 31 March 2021

Explanation of Variances 2021-22

List of Councillor Responsibilities

Peter Milliken:

David Lewis:

Stuart Renders: Chair

Ben Moye: Vice Chair

Peter McCarter





Location of public land or building assets

Jubilee Playing Field,  Marlingford Road

Easton Village Hall, Marlingford Road

Under Fives Play area College Heights

Main Play area College Heights