Village organisations

Easton Crafters Club  Mrs J Stanford 118 Dereham Rd 01603 881474

Easton W.I. Sec         Mrs Sandra Bowman 01603880538

Easton Post Office  Open Tuesdays & Thursdays 9am till 2pm  01603 880007

Easton Tots Play Lots  weds 9.30am till 12   Melanie              07584 160503

Easton Good Companions Mrs Ann Harrowven  15 Woodview Rd  01603 880384

Easton Badminton Club Mr C Brown 22 Marlingford Way 01603 880433

Easton Football Club  Mr M Cossey 78 Marlingford Way 01603 880143

Easton Bowls Club

Easton Table Tennis  Mr E Longbottom 26 Marlingford Way  01603 880485

Easton Junior Football  Gavin Tipple 01603 731585

Easton Junior/Senior Netball  Karl Chapman

Easton Judo Club Coach  Chris Abel 62 Bolingbroke Rd Norwich

If  you want your organisation advertised here please contact the Clerk and she will sort it for you.