FOI Broadland Documents

Below is a list of the documents and communications that have been received to date in relation to Freedom of Information Request of the 29 April 2018 to Broadland Council.

If anyone has the spare time after reading these documents and are able to write a brief explanation of each documents content we would be most grateful,

141222 CL 1010 P1

141222 CL 1011 P1

141222 CL 1012 P1

141222 CL 1013 P1

20180471 Land at Honingham Greater Norwich Food Enterpise Zone LDO si…

Food Hub LDO and s106

FW Food Enterprise Park

FW Food Enterprise Zone Easton (1)

FW Food Enterprise Zone Easton

FW LDO Food Hub Routing Agreement

FW Planning Application 20180471

FW RE Honningham FEZ