Community Defibrillator

Easton Village would urgently like to buy a defibrillator to potentially save lives. EVERYONE could potentially benefit from having a defib nearby. None of us would like to watch our spouse, parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, friend or neighbour needlessly die or suffer brain damage, because of a lack of a defib. The British Heart Foundation states every second counts.

We have started to raise funds for a defibrillator, to date we have now received donations totaling £670 and have two major  pledges of donations totaling £450. We also have a number of organisations within the village trying to raise funds fund. We hope you will support them as they raise funds for this worth while cause. We have also contacted the British Heart Foundation and applied for two defibrillators under the government grant scheme details are below, we are also seeking permission to site another two around the village.

With your help and support we can obtain these vital live saving devices

Funding for a community defibrillator

 The Department of Health has awarded the British Heart Foundation  £1 million to make public access defibrillators and CPR training more widely available in communities across England.

Applications opened  on Thursday 1 October 2015 and close in March 2016.

defibrillatorThere is a choice of packages

  1. A free public access defibrillator, CPR training kit and a cabinet
  2. A free public access defibrillator and CPR training kit
  3. A cabinet to improve accessibility to a current defibrillator

The defibrillators available are the ZOLL AED Plus and the iPAD SP1 and the cabinets offered are the Aivia 210 and DefibSafe. Unlocked and uncoded versions will be provided as standard under the grant scheme however  with just cause a lockable unit will be provided.

The CPR kits are called Call Push Rescue training. These contain enough equipment to train 10 people at a time. Anyone can watch and learn how to do CPR in less than 30 minutes. All we need is the means to watch the educational film either on a DVD or online and some space to practice. As  a Parish Council  we could offer the opportunity  for local residents  to take part in a number of training sessions.

We can apply for a maximum of five packages per application and these are  provided free of charge. However we will be required to make a donation of £400 towards the cost. The total value of the package is around  £2000

To be able to access  this funding we must demonstrate:

That the defibrillator will be accessible to the public, preferably 24/7

A commitment to train the local community in CPR

A clear need for the device such as high footfall or a rural location

We have started the application  process  however for us to be able to proceed we will require authority to place this device in a public accessible location preferably  the village hall. The location will require a electric supply with a running cost of around £3.00 per year.

We will also need to obtain agreement from the East of England  Ambulance  Trust  to support our application.  We will also need to satisfy the scheme that due to the risk of vandalism  or theft we will require a lockable external cabinet.

Once we have secured  a suitable  location for the device then the application  may proceed to the next stage.

It is recommended  on the application  we submit an application  for a iPad SP1 defibrillator  with a code lock DefibSafe.

If our application  is successful we will need to fund the cost of materials and labour  to bring an electrical supply to the external box We will also need to fund the running costs electricity, maintance  training. It would be hoped that within the community the installation of the device and the electrical installation could be achieved at no or minimal  cost.

To support us in this application  Dr S Nair has offered to help secure our funding application  and work with  us to obtain  sponsorship  funding so it can be delivered at no cost to the parish precept. Mrs M Turner as also offered to provide monthly  maintenance  checks on the equipment.

It is now up to the PC and residents to work together to secure this vital life saving equipment for the benefit of  current and future residents.